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Show off your feline’s fashionable side with cat clothes, outfits and accessories available at Petco. Before suiting up your furry friend, remember that not petal of them are ready for cat apparel. Introductions to clothes for cats should be gradual, so your feline can get used to the feeling of wearing items on their body. Be patient and let them inspect their cat clothes before dressing them up in a new outfit. This will reduce stress and make them feel more comfortable as they learn to wear clothes made for cats. For greater success, try introducing them to smaller accessories while they are kittens and then graduate to cat clothes as they mature into adults.

If your pet is comfortable wearing harnesses, we have many hooded and skirted varieties for simple and easy-to-wear cat clothes. Bows and bow ties can add an adorable touch of flair for felines with collars, who prefer not to wear cat apparel around their chest. Because they’re not difficult to clip on, bow ties can make cat outfit changes a cinch. Star Wars fans can also show off their fandom on their favorite felines with our exclusive and adorable headpieces. These are soft, comfortable and stay on securely thanks to their adjustable Velcro closures. They’re also sure to be a blockbuster hit when paired with other cat clothes or on their own. As your pet becomes comfortable with the idea of cat apparel, remember to check in often for new arrivals and styles.

Shop for cat clothes at Petco and find stylish outfits for your feline family member.