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The Best Beds for Cats and Kittens

It’s no secret that every cat loves a long, luxurious nap, so finding the perfect cat bed is essential. Cat beds are a great way to give your cat or kitten a comfortable place to sleep, lounge, and perch. Cats sleep up to 18-hours a day and many pet owners choose to place multiple cat beds in different areas of their home to provide safety and comfort no matter where their kitty decides to curl up and snooze. Giving your kitty cat bed options lets them decide where they feel most comfortable and helps protect your furniture and bedding as well! At Petco you’ll find a wide selection of cat beds to fit any area of your home, ranging from cushioned bolster beds to window beds and kitty caves. What bedding will your cat love most?

Many pet owners love specialty cat beds, such as heated cat beds. If your pet usually resides outdoors or is a senior, they may enjoy a heated cat bed to help retain body heat. Heated cat beds can be used anywhere from porches and patios, to barns and sheds. Even indoor cats can enjoy curling up in these warm areas.

Luxury cat beds add a touch of class to your kitty’s favorite resting spots. Luxury and designer cat beds can come in any shape or size and include modern spherical perches, miniature cat couches and loungers, and even combination night stand cat beds for felines and pet parents who prefer a more luxurious look.

Shop Petco for a wide selection of cat beds and find your kitty the perfect spot for a cat-nap.