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Cat Cleaning Supplies for a Fresh Smelling Home

One of the best things about cats is their ability to self-groom and stay naturally clean. While this is true of them, you’re not off the hook to maintain a clean home. The most common messes you’ll have to take care of are removing stains and unwanted odors. Keep reading to learn a few housekeeping tips and which cat cleaning supplies you don’t want to be without.

Tips to keep your home clean with a cat

While there’s no questioning the bond between you and your furry pal, strong odors and pet dander could make life together a challenge. To help limit skin flakes, dirt, and debris, regular brushing is a must—especially if anyone in your home has severe allergies or asthma.

You should also plan to vacuum once a week to scoop up hair you don’t catch while brushing your pet. To contain odors, keep your cat’s litter box in an isolated area of the home. By following these simple tips, you’ll take the necessary steps to maintain a tidy space.

Essential cat cleaning supplies

In addition to the above housekeeping tips, there are a few cat cleanup supplies every pet parent needs. They’ll keep you prepared when you have an unexpected accident on your hands. Here is a breakdown of the types of products you’ll find at Petco and where you can use them:

  • Cat urine cleaners - These cleaning products are a lifesaver whether you’re potty training a kitten or cleaning up pet vomit. Many cat urine cleaners have bacteria-based formulas that produce enzymes to target urine, sticky residues, feces, and other bio-based messes. Most are safe to use on carpets, hard floors, furniture, and clothing but be sure to read the product labels first.
  • Cat stain and odor removers - To fight strong smells, you have a few options—odor-absorbing gel deodorizers, dual stain and odor sprays, or litter deodorizers made of odor-lock crystals and odor-neutralizing agents—available in both scented and unscented options. Be sure to read the packaging to determine the area of use, which can include litter boxes, carpets, hard floors, furniture, or fabrics.
  • Litter disposal - Pet waste disposal systems and litter bags are a must for keeping a fresh smelling home. Disposal systems have airtight designs that trap odors and in some cases, hold up to 14 days of waste. If you prefer using bags, you’ll find strong and durable designs that are wide enough to fit most scoops.

Ready to create an environment you and your feline enjoy? Come to Petco for all of the cleaning supplies you need. Pet parents who are a part of our Repeat Delivery program stay fully stocked on litter bags, deodorizers, and get free shipping. Shop today!